domingo, 21 de setembro de 2008

Ghostly Cat

These are two illustrations of our ghostly cat :P He’s a mysterious creature that’s always close to out mascot, Luminus. You never know well what are his intentions, sometimes he acts as if he was her conscience other times he’s a little mean to her loool, making fun of her and screwing things up. In these two illustrations he is wandering in two different worlds. Since he’s a magical cat he has the ability of materialize into the environment and travel between dimensions.

terça-feira, 16 de setembro de 2008


Luminus is our mascot, a mysterious doll that comes out of a magic box, as soon as she gains her life and conscience she looks to understand her existence and the purpose of her little box! But her job becomes harder when a spirit of a mean cat’s spirit appears and tries to take her to the path of the shadows when her objective is to find the light.

Luminus finds out that by opening the box she can turn her dreams into reality!! But for that she must surpass the obstacles made by her cat “friend”, Shadow :p

segunda-feira, 15 de setembro de 2008

Luminus Fantasia nº1

Luminus Fantasia is a fanzine made by our group, the nº1 Memories, it was drawn by me with the support of Tania and Telma in the argument, I was able to finish it in time to sell it in the Natsuyoka meet in Beja (though I want to give it some final touches for a second edition that’s more elaborate) :P For the first experience it was positive but this was just the beginning for the production of more fanzines, we want the next ones to be better :D

The fanzine has 30 pages and it is divided in 3 chapters, each telling a small story about the childhood of our characters.

Each character was made by one of us, Selene is mine, Maris was made by Tania and Valens by Telma, just as the story of each character.

In their adventures we tried to show a little of their lives and the magical world where they live.

More information about our characters will be added to the blog soon, the fanzine is not yet for sale but if anyone is interested will be able to acquire it leaving a message informing us :D

quarta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2008

Natsuyoka Meet in Beja

In 24 and 24 of August in Beja, in the house of culture, the Natsuyoka Meet, an event about manga and anime organized by Myuuhailurusu studio, that counted with the presence of Tempura (a Portuguese covers band of anime) and the shop Asa Negra Comics, where you could cosplay, participate in drawing workshops, dancing workshops, play in a magic tournament, do karaoke, play in the playstation tournament, watch anime movies and visit an Illustrations exposition about manga of the Myuuhailurusu studio.

The bank of the shop Asa Negra Comics, for more information you can visit the site:

Telma all happy with the manga book she just bought :P so that she can read it all in one time at her tent!!

We loved to make part of this event!! We hope that next year there’s more and better ^^