sábado, 15 de novembro de 2008

Luminus Fantasia new version

Finally our first fanzine is done and complete just how we wanted!! In comparison with the old version it’s a lot more presentable lol, we added some contrasts in black and white and besides my story that is the main story on the book, we added two prologues or mini stories in the end made by Tânia and Telma J we could count on the help of Hugo Teixeira who helped us divulgating in his shop “Asa Negra” in FIDBA :D We even gave our first autographs!! Lol

This small chapter made by Tania, comes to uncover a little about the identity of our mysterious cat and of Luminus ^^ so don’t lose it!!

You can buy our first fanzine sending us an e-mail making a request or on the store Asa Negra Comics :D I hope you enjoy it!!

Museu do Oriente ( Orient’s museum)

In our search for inspiration for our projects we decided to go to Orient’s museum and get to know a little better the fantastic oriental culture.

At the end of the exposition we went to the souvenir store in the museum and found some little Japanese super cute dolls!! Of course we couldn’t resist and bought one for each of us ^^ They are called kimmidolls and are a collection of several dolls that have different meanings such as love, beauty, friendship and so on…

You can know more on the site: http://www.kimmidoll.com/

Cosplay FIBDA 2008

Yes, we’ve been there!! …but we didn’t participate in the cosplay :P The entire day of the festival of comics of Amadora was very special, it was dedicated to manga and its fans, if you don’t know, the name cosplay is the junction of the words “costume” and “play” ,”fantasia” and “play”, which means it’s a fun and enjoyable activity and reunion between people that dress as and imitate their favourite characters of anime and manga. The suits are mostly built by the fans and all is worth in the contest, since singing, using sentences the characters do, reproduce scenes in the story and so on…

These are some of the best suits in the event:

The queen of Trinity Blood was one of the great stars in the contest :D